Types Of Pipe Forming Machines

A pipe forming machine offers skilled operator’s complete control for the production of many different types of pipes. It is one of the most important machines that are used to manufacture pipes at desired shapes like round, square, oval, round reeded, bent and many more. It incorporates high speed machines that operate both automatically and manually. Flat top to round pipe forming machine is to shape round pipe into square, push up-and-down round pipe forming machine is for reshaping round pipe from square to round pipe, radial cold forming and secondary cold forming are other variety of specialized shaped pipes. The equipment takes flat top to round pipe shape by applying hydraulic pressure that is applied uniformly across the surface of the pipe in circular motion. Hydraulic cylinder provides power for the machine.

Pipe Forming Machine

Another type of pipe manufacturing machine is the flying saw pipe forming machine that cuts large diameter pipe using a diamond cutting blade. This type of machine includes two large pipes that are mounted on a shaft with saw blade attached that is rotated by electric motor that enables the operator to cut either single or double diameter of the pipe. Flat top to round pipe shaping machine and flying saw pipe manufacturing machines are used to manufacture different kind of pipes. In flat top to round pipe manufacturing machines, flexible rods of stiffener are run through the pipe that forms the pipe, and it is held in position with the help of clutch liner that forms the pipe.

Squeeze roller pipe formers are used to manufacture small diameter round pipe. A number of such squeezes rollers are fixed to the pipe and it is manually operated. It comprises two rollers that are arranged at the front of the pipe and is slid on the seat of the cutter. This type of pipe forming machine allows the operator to easily create round pipe of any desired diameter and it is designed for low maintenance.

Another type of pipe manufacturing machine is the wall thickness pipe forming machine that cuts the wall thickness in the desired manner. The pipe is fitted with steel sleeve that has the hole for the tapered rollers and the pipe is manually operated. This type of forming is very similar to the squeezer pipe forming that only difference is in the method of operating.

Another method of constructing pipe is the rectangular tubes forming that uses tapered roller and small diameter round pipe that are fitted inside the square tubing. These rectangular tubes are made in the same way like the squeeze rollers except that it does not include the clutch liner that forms the pipe. The width of the rectangular tubes must be smaller than the pipe that is being used for forming the same. The advantage of using the rectangular tubes forming is that it provides consistent wall thickness throughout the whole pipe.

The last type of pipe manufacturing machine is the squirt pipe forming machine that is suitable for low volume jobs. This type of machine unit utilizes water to squirt the wall thickness into the required areas. The squirt pressure increases depending on the diameter of the pipe being used. The squirt pipe unit can be mounted on a hydraulic table or a flatbed truck.

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