Pipe Mills

Pipe Mills is the essential link between supplying raw materials and manufacturing the products. Pipe Mills creates pipes and tubes of different sizes and configurations. They perform to deliver a highly-conducive material uncompromised at end points. The strength of a pipe and tubing makes them core structural components when crafting for that specific purpose. Pipe Mills plays a critical role in the transportation of raw materials, finished goods and other products for distribution and/or disposal.

Pipe Mills

Pipe Mills comes in two variants; direct tube machines and indirect tube machines. In a direct tube mill, the work area is elevated and the material is fed through the machine from above. The product is passed down the tube to be ground and dried. Indirect tube mills are similar to a direct tube mill except the work area is below the processing unit.

Pipe and tube mills can be operated manually or electronically. In a fully automated welding process, machines are powered by a continuous supply of raw materials such as metal, tungsten and flux cored steel. Welded pipe and tubes are manufactured utilizing both soft and hard metal. Soft metals are formed in the forge chamber, the work area of the machine is lowered and the tube is fed through the machine. Hard metals are formed in the weld chamber by feeding the tungsten electrode directly into the work area.

Pipe and tube manufacturing is one of the most important industries worldwide. Many countries have their own Pipe Mills to manufacture different types of tubes. In the United States, the largest pipe manufacturing plant is located in Texas. In Australia, there is a major manufacturing facility located in Brisbane.

Pipe and tube mills are used for the manufacture of a wide range of products. The variety of products that can be produced using these machines is limited only by the imagination of mankind. Pipe and tube products that can be produced using pipe and pipeline are: turbine blades, heating exchangers, shaft seals, connecting rods, oil and gas piping, water pipes, electrical wiring, electrical motors, locomotive motors, marine and aircraft engines, rocket motors, aerospace components, aircraft fuel, lubricants, pipe fittings, and aircraft fittings. Some of these products are often used in aeronautical engineering which is responsible for the design and construction of commercial airliners.

Pipe and tube mills are also used for the manufacture of other complex metal products. In fact, some major corporations that are engaged in the manufacturing of metal pipe products make use of these types of welders. Some of these products are made using advanced computer controlled equipment. Computer numerical controlled welding or CNC machines are used in the fabrication of steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, and many other types of industrial and constructional pipe products.

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