Types Of Hydraulic Pipe And Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machines

In many sectors of the medical sector, hydrostatic pressure testing machines are used to identify and monitor the flow rate of a liquid sample or effluent stream. The machine is designed to provide instantaneous results by using an advanced multi-parameter measuring system. Before purchasing this type of machine, you should check that it meets your specific needs. You must also do proper research and analysis to select the right machine with all the latest technological features.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine

Ideal Laboratory Engineers, Inc., hydrostatic pressure testing machines. New Life Technologies, Inc., and Tektronix, Inc. manufactures different types of testing machines for plumbing, piping, pharmaceutical, water treatment, fire prevention, and other industries. The materials used to manufacture these types of equipment vary according to their applications. For example, there are different types of pipe available in the market for different purposes. Here is a list of some common pipe products for which testing is required:

– Plastic Pipe: This pipe is generally used for decorative purposes as it does not get damaged easily even under extreme circumstances. However, this pipe is made of a hard plastic material which is susceptible to high pressures. Therefore, it should be tested on a regular basis by using hydrostatic pressure testing machine. The machine measures the pipe’s resistance to hydrostatic pressure while it is under flow condition. Some of the factors which determine the performance of this pipe include the pipe’s length, temperature, composition, and the porosity.

– PVC Pipe: Also known as polyvinyl chloride pipe, this pipe is used for many applications. It is commonly used for plumbing joints where resistance to hydrostatic pressure is very important. This type of pipe is resistant to freezing and thawing and therefore can be expected to last longer than other types of pipes. Unfortunately, this type of pipe is also more prone to hydrostatic pressure testing. Some of the factors which determine the performance of this pipe include its length, temperature, density, porosity, and the ratio of zinc to iron in its construction.

– SS Tubing: Another product, this is made of polystyrene material. It is also resistant to freezing and thawing and therefore can last longer than other types of pipes. However, this particular product has low tensile strength. When using it for hydrostatic pressure testing, you have to ensure that the tubing is placed over a float with the appropriate level of water.

There are many other types of hydrostatic pressure testing equipments vessels available in the market, which are capable of conducting various types of tests. However, you have to determine the right one for your specific applications. You can purchase them from online suppliers at affordable prices. Moreover, you can also make a better decision by carrying out some research regarding this product before making any decision.

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