MRF MiniSS Tubular Steel Round Tube Polishing Machine – Latest Price, Minimum Order Quantity and Maximum Quality!

Stainless steel tube polishing machine with maximum output, high efficiency, durable performance. The powerful machine wheel speed control (optional), with ability to perform on all workpieces of different sizes, thus enabling the user to perform on a variety of workpieces. The machine is ideal for users who use diamond grit, Emery board, steel, tungsten carbide, quartz, cobalt, and aluminum. This is the most suitable machine for those who perform polishing on small to medium sized diameters and work pieces in hardness above 200.

Steel tube polishing machine is built with high performance dual diamond micro-polishing system. The fine metal polish is obtained from two rotary stages with optional wet & dry spray technology. It has stainless steel sealed aluminum working platform, which is enclosed by high-precision precision CNC routed aluminum wheels, providing the user with fast, agile work. The tube is made of high strength and hardened chrome vanadium copper tubes, providing long service life.

One of its major advantages over other similar products is that this powerful and efficient dual action polishing system with variable power consumption enables a user to perform the task even when under higher than average temperature and extreme conditions. This gives the user added flexibility and makes the machine more usable. The round tube polishing machine offers an easy to operate, user-friendly interface with fully programmable operation. The machine is able to deliver the required polishing finish and result in very little time. The user can set the power consumption as per specific requirements.

Another advantage is that the machine available in India is cheaper than its counterparts in Europe and America. The machine is available at a nominal price of about Rs 8 thousand (in Indian rupees) and is quite affordable. The product is available with warranty and is available in a branded version with about Rs 75000 (in Indian Rupees). The warranty period offered by the company is also very less and is applicable up to two years.

Apt for all industrial sectors, the compact and portable stainless steel round tube polishing machine is the most demanded product range from the leading stainless steel manufacturers. This product range is available at a price of around Rs 9500 (in Indian Rupees). This product range is available in both vertical and horizontal variation. The horizontal variation offers higher accuracy than the vertical. The latest variant of this product range is equipped with the CNC machined movement.

The power tool users can now place their online orders through the website of MRF Group with the aid of secure payment gateway. The users can check the stock levels and place an order with the help of secure payment gateway. MRF group offers the users the latest price product details, along with the minimum order quantity.

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