How Can a Pressure Pipe Testing Machine Help?

If you are involved in the manufacturing, construction or plumbing business, then there is no doubt that you need to have a complete set of Pipe Testing Machines. The use of these machines in the industry is absolutely essential for ensuring pipe and piping works are flawless. The machinery’s main function is to ascertain if pipe joints are in good condition or not. They also determine if there are defects in the pipe’s end. In order for you to know which of the machines would provide the best service, it is essential to look at its features.

Pipe Testing Machine

PAT Testing Machine: The first feature that you have to look into is the clamping plate 11. This is a vital tool that holds the pipe up for the tester to view. Its size should be perfect enough as it should neither be too small to accommodate the pipe or too big. The width should also be perfect since it will be used to determine whether the water supply pipe is clear enough. Next, is the hydrostatic pressure gauge which allows you to set the level of water flow by giving information on the pressure and vapor pressure. Since both of these are important in determining whether your pipeline is working properly or not, you need to check them at least once a week.

Figuring out the inner diameter of the pipe is easy if you use the appropriate fittings. If you can not connect them yet, then you need to adjust the machine so that it can handle the thinner and thicker pipes. Electric motors of the control system are responsible for this function. Electric motors work well in cases where there are high resistance values since they can withstand the extreme conditions and still function properly.

There is also a Hydraulic Control System that makes use of the Fig Coupler. Once again, you will need to use the appropriate fittings to connect the Coupler to the clamping plate 11. The main thing that you should focus on is the quality of the couplings that you attach to your Fig Coupler. The strength of the coupling should be able to hold the clamping plate 11 firmly without loosening it even after using the machine for several hours.

The main function of the hydrostatic pipe testing machines is to make sure that your pipes are free from defects and clogs before they cause harm to the environment or to you and your employees. To do this, it uses sensors to detect the amount of pressure and the type of clog that exist inside your pipes. Then, the machine will apply the appropriate pressure to break the lock and allow the water to flow freely.

The hydrostatic pipe machine is designed to be very precise and automated. You do not have to manually monitor the pipe that needs to be tested anymore. Instead, you will just need to focus on the other end of the pipe while the Hydraulic Piston performs the work for you. Since you control the movement and speed of the hydraulic piston by controlling the pressure of the water falling onto the pipe, you can easily prevent blockages and improve efficiency. Aside from preventing blockages, this equipment can also be used to test the type of pipe joints as well as other common pipe structures like bends in the pipes and so on.

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