The Great Pumpkin, by Pip Miller

Pip Mill is a master of words, a man who knows his stuff. So, when he tells you to ‘buy the story and make the buy’, it is clear what he means. As a former stallion for a well known drapery company, he knows the power of word-of-mouth and he wants to share his knowledge with you. With his new book, The Little Ticky Poppy, he hopes to offer you the insider’s view on how to succeed in the world of business. Whether it’s making the big bucks or just doing the little things, this is a great little read with a healthy dose of wisdom.

Pip Mill

The story starts out with Pip telling you about his experiences in a previous life as a boy and living in post-apocalyptic wastelands. It then jumps right into the present-day and we follow the story of Pip and his encounter with a giant who rules over the human race. This is a fun, fast-moving story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will want to know what happens next and why everybody else is so busy enjoying the rest of the book.

The illustrations are very colorful and bring a sense of liveliness to the text. The pictures in this book reminded me of when I was a child, drawing little chicks using my imagination. The voice is very soft and inviting. This is not a work of science fiction, but rather a story about good, old-fashioned values. I really think that if you want a story about a boy who barely escaped a monstrous nuclear war, that story exists.

In addition to this, I personally found this to be a very nice surprise. Like many others, I wanted to get my hands on a children’s book before I put the book on tape or read it. I expected this to be just another children’s picture book because it looked so simple, but the inside kept me interested. The illustrations reminded me of things I love – horses, farms, and people. I do have a little girl who’s into horses, and this book might really spark her imagination.

If you’re a horse lover, this book will probably get your goat. It is full of beautiful color pictures of horses and farm life. It also has a few recipes that reminded me of my own mother’s kitchen. All the recipes are easy to follow and the little children will have a great time eating them.

If you want to get your kids interested in food, this book should interest them. It is age appropriate for kids of all ages. You’ll enjoy reading it with them and getting them excited about food. You can also hand it out as a gift, and they will both enjoy it.

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