Guide to Choose a Tube Polishing Machine

Tube polishing machines or tUPF are an abbreviation for Tools, Parts, Equipment and Accessories. Unlike the conventional grinding machines, tube polishing machine use diamond abrasive wheel to apply scratches as well as polish the stainless steel tubes. The compound of tUPF consists of a compound of diamond powder along with diamond dust and polishing compound, a very tough material that is extremely hard and durable.

Tube Polishing Machine

This is the basic information about this equipment, which will guide you to make a decision whether to purchase it or not. TU Precision Tube Polishing Machine, manufactured by Waring is a popular and highly praised brand for its durability and superior results. It is not very difficult to use and gives out professional-like results when it comes to tube finishing of stainless steel. It is one of the highly recommended machines and is widely used in industrial applications such as finishing of round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, etc.

It is powered by two diamond cutting tools, one in the front that fits into the feed pipe of the polisher and another in the back that fits into the cylinder of the machine. In both cases, the tube brushes push the abrasive material against the tube walls while the compound is continuously passed through the feed pipe. The process continues until the tube is finished and you need not replace the compound or the brushes anymore.

Another important feature of this machine is that it uses two polishing wheels. These are not very powerful and have a very low speed; however, they are extremely effective and produce high quality finish. They also offer excellent cleaning ability on flat and curved tubes. Moreover, the polishing wheels of this equipment can be adjusted according to the type of tube that you want to use.

One more essential feature of this machine is that it offers precision mirror polishing. This is necessary if you need to polish curved tube that is wider than standard straight tubes. This enables to create perfect circles on curved tubes even when you are using small polishing wheels. The process continues till the complete polish and you need not apply any additional polishing agent after the process is completed. If you need to finish your product in a shorter time, this is the right machine for you.

The last but not least is a high-performance stainless steel tube polishing machine. It has been designed to meet the demands of professionals and tradesmen of the same skill. It has a high-speed polishing head that produces uniform, high quality finished products. The mirror head of this polisher is made of ceramic and can withstand a high amount of heat. A mirror polish with the help of this polisher produces a glossy finish on any type of stainless steel.

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