Different Kinds Of Pipe Bending Machines

Pipe Forming Machine

Different Kinds Of Pipe Bending Machines

The square pipe forming machine has been widely adopted by most of the industries because of its prominent green environmental friendly features. It requires stainless steel plate for performing the specific weight that has to be exceeded. It’s no more entirely depending on enhancing the physical properties of materials or increasing the demand of pipes. It has actually gone a step further to make use of the least hazardous materials possible.

There are two types of pipe forming machines: the single-ended and double-ended. The former makes use of a single cylindrical pipe where in a smaller diameter pipe having a greater length is fed into the machine. This feeding process of a single cylindrical pipe proceeds until a suitable stage is reached wherein the tube is separated into single or double ends depending upon the requirement. In order to complete the feeding process the tube is then released from the feeder.

The second type of pipe forming machine includes a cutter/cutting head that cuts the steel pipe either parallel to the wall or cut at an angle along the wall. After cutting the material, the pipe is fed into the squeeze roller which squeezes the steel tubing so that it is formed into the desired shape as per the requirement. The squeeze roller also acts as a wire feed system that feeds the compressed air through the tube so that the product gets formed into various shapes such as round, triangular, square or rectangular etc. The wire feed system also ensures a uniform pressure. Hence, this type of pipe formation machine is also known as flying saw.

The third type is known as the square pipe forming machine which uses two cylindrical steel pipes which are provided with different width and length. These pipes are fed into the electric press with the help of electric pipe jointer. When pressure is applied on the square pipe it causes the rollers to move and consequently the width of the two cylindrical steel pipes narrows down. Hence the product gets formed into a perfect round shape. This type of pipe formation machine is mainly used in manufacturing pipe fittings such as pumps, valves, sewage pipes, pipe lines and drainage systems.

The fourth type is called the horizontal roller and is similar to the square tube. However, it does not use round pipe joints. This type uses two cylindrical cylinders which when pushed rotate and hence rolls the material into any shape as per the need. This type of pipe forming machine has two cylindrical rollers that move horizontally. The horizontal roller helps to create a consistent diameter.

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