Stainless Steel Tube Cleaners

Tube Polishing Machine

Stainless Steel Tube Cleaners

Stainless Steel Tube Polishing Machine with high pressure, excellent surface finish, long lasting performance, and consistent performance. The roller wheel speed control (on/off optional), so in no matter the size of your workpiece, how much material, the right amount of length, the optimum polishing technique can bring the right processing efficiency. Ideal for work in high traffic areas where you need quick drying of a finished product.

The stainless steel tube finishing machine has been designed to meet every industry requirement for high quality and consistent results. It uses an eight-stage process that incorporates first, second and third polish stages to bring the customer a top quality finish. The first two stages expose the work piece to a variety of abrasive materials that will chemically etch the metal and bring out the natural luster of the metal. The second two stages, the polishing action and buffing process, remove the excess materials and bring the work piece into its clean and precise finishing position.

This product has a unique two-stage feed process, which offers two different types of finishing: Wet and Dry finish. For wet finishing, the feed process starts by removing material from the rear of the machine onto a cylindrical disc, which is then passed through the tube feeders on the side of the machine and then it is finally fed into the polisher head. In dry finishing, the metal tube feed process is reversed and the material fed into the straight tubes are dipped into the polisher head and are drawn down into the tubes to form a smooth finish. This allows you to achieve a consistent level of shine with the same cleaning methods and provides durability to the tubes and the entire machine.

This stainless steel tube polishing machine is very versatile because of its unique ability to remove stubborn stains, grease, dirt, and oxidation that can build up over time. Another unique feature of this product is the ability to use either the wet or dry polishing heads for the best overall finish. This machine uses an electrostatic charge to remove stubborn contaminants that will not dissolve in either water or oxygen. It can remove rust, grease, and deeply embeds itself into the metal surface. It can remove scratches from flat and low spots and provide the highest possible shine on even the most difficult to reach areas.

Because of its unique ability to utilize both wet and dry polishing heads for consistent and even polishing, many consumers are satisfied with the machine’s performance, especially with the high level of surface finish achieved. Even the highest quality stainless steel tubes and mirrors can appear dull after some time, but this is an easily fixed situation with this powerful cleanser. It provides the highest level of durability with long-lasting stainless steel tube polishing action, and an easy-to-use control panel. It has been recommended by professional builders as an important tool for achieving a professional shine on their finished products.

One of the latest tube cleaning machines that has recently entered the market is the Revlon Curved Mirror Polishing Wheel. Unlike other similar products, these curved tube cleaners have larger cleaning spaces, which eliminates a lot of backwash and makes for a more even polish. The circular polishing wheels use high-tech spinning action and are designed to remove grease, rust, and oxidation from curved stainless steel tubes. The mirrors are manufactured with a patented cutting-edge design, which allows for flawless mirror polishing on curved tubes.

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