Turning On A Turning Spindle

Turning Spindle turning, also known as turning between centers, is an interesting woodturning technique referring to a very small piece of solid wood being turned on its internal axis. A turner spins the piece in the opposite direction to the normal way of turning wood (turning on its axis). This style of turning involves the use of a spindle turned by hand, which turns the piece on the internal axis instead of turning it on the external axis. In this way a spindle turner produces a unique and artistic product that combines fine artistry and the finest quality components.

Turning Spindle

If you are a fine woodwork enthusiast, you know all about turning on a turning machine or on a flat surface with wood that has been carved with intricate details. It is not uncommon to see turning between centers in fine furniture and it is often done with the finest quality pieces of wood to achieve a very elegant and refined finish. But, what exactly is turning on a spindle, and why is it the perfect method of turning the wood? Here are some details about this process:

Turning between centers is done when the grain of the wood is exposed, usually at its widest point. This is done by removing the topmost layer of the wood with a saw or a chisel. This allows the wood to be completely sanded to the wood grain and allows the surface of the wood to be brought into focus.

The topmost layers of the wood are left untouched to ensure that the surface is uniform and free from any flaws and imperfections. After the surface is completely sanded, the wood is then turned and polished using special polishing tools and/or polishing cloths.

Turning on a turning spindle is a very easy and convenient method of creating fine furniture. For turning on a turning machine, you can either buy one for yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you. You can also use a basic bench top lathe.

Although this method of turning and polishing wood can be extremely expensive, the end result is worth it. Turning wood on the turning machine provides a high-end look that cannot be achieved through any other means. and this method of turning is not limited to fine furniture; this technique is also used on any type of solid wood object.

The most common materials used for turning wood include oak, mahogany, and cherry, but other types of woods can also be used, such as maple or pine. When choosing the wood for the turning machine, you must choose one that is durable, smooth and has a nice natural appearance.

Turning on a spindle is a great way of creating beautiful objects with a very high level of craftsmanship. If you are interested in using this method, then you can learn more by reading a book about turning.

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